Kharkiv Institute of Packaging Technologies, Association

  • Address:
    POB 5380, c. Kharkiv, 61125, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 376-00-64, 732-98-60
Director - Volodymyr Buryak

Registration Date: 1997
Status: city

Creative potential and initiative of the members of the Association "Kharkiv Institute of Packaging Technologies" is the basis of our successful operation.

While promoting new products in the market, investors and managers, responsible for this, face a lot of problems related to the selection and introduction of technologies, rational use of available resources and forecasting of market.

Association provides information, which helps reduce risk, assists entrepreneurship - the most important and the most risky creative process.

We consider package production as a complex of technologies, including:
- machine-building,
- science of materilas,
- food technologies,
- design
- printing trades

Our activity is focused on the study and analysis of the packaging technologies.
Economics, marketing, and production analysis, registration of legal restrictions and quality systems allow to promote the introduction of the entire complex in specific conditions of the regions.

We are confident we are able to foster the formation of independent producers resulting in the creation of new jobs, improvement of the living standard and the developemnt of a new society!

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