Kupyansk Complex of Canned Dairy Products, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    26 Lomonosova str., c. Kupyansk, Kharkiv reg., 63702, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05742) 5-13-59, 5-30-47, 5-31-16, 5-64-39, 5-69-86
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General Director - O. Radchenko

"Kupyansk Complex of Canned Dairy Products" is the biggest Ukrainian producer of canned milk products.
As a result of its 40-year operation, the enterprise has established its reputation of a reliable supplier and its products are well-known outside Ukraine. The latest production equipment allows to produce competitive products from natural raw materials, of a guaranteed quality of highest possible digestion, that brings happiness, health and satisfaction to all customers.
The use of new advanced kinds of package meeting world standards, helps to prolong the term of milk production storage.

Products and services:
* canned milk of the following assortment:
- condensed milk, fat content - 8.5 %, in tins and unpacked,
- "Slavyanskoye" condensed milk,
- "Shokoladnoe" condensed soya milk,
- condensed milk with cocoa ,
- natural coffee with condensed milk,
- condensed cream;
* "Krestianskoye" butter and sweet butter, packed and unpacked;
* extended shelf-life products - 3.5% fat content milk
- "Shocoladnoye"3.5% fat content milk;
* "Adygeiskiy" soft cheese;
* whole milk products of wide assortment;
* dry whole milk, fat content - 25 %;
* dry skimmed milk of up to 1.5 % in fat content;
* dry cheese and quark whey;
* dry soya milk;
* services in processing customer's raw materials:
- milk;
- dry whole milk;
- dry skimmed milk;
- juices

The slogan of the company is quality and natural pureness.

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