KARASAN, Sanatorium

  • Address:
    p/v Utyos, Alushta , Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98541, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06560) 6-42-38, 6-42-69, 6-43-32
"Karasan" health center of general therapy is situated in one of the most picturesque corners of the Southern Coast of the Crimea, 15 km away from Alushta in Yalta direction, near Partenit urban settlement.

Treatment profile:
- respiratory diseases of non- tuberculosis aetiology (chronic bronchitis, bronco-ectanical disease, lung emphysema, pneumosclerosis, reconvalescents of acute pneumonia).

In 1839-1917 "Karasan" estate belonged to an ancient noble family of the Raevskys which gave a number of prominent politicians and commanders. Since 1924 the estate was transformed into a health center. One of the center's buildings is a palace with elements of Mauritanian style, constructed in 1887, the building has become an adornment of the area. In one of the building walls there is still available and wonderfully preserved a Madonna bas-relief. An assembly hall with a fire-place, stucco moulding, old-fashioned watches create an atmosphere of ancient times and slight melancholy for the passed times.
The wonderful park surrounding the palace was laid out in the late 30-s of the XIX-th century. By the beginning of XX the park contained 220 kinds of trees and bushes.

A quay and center's beach are located 50 metres away from the building, the beach is rigged out with parasols and tents, checkrooms, trestle-beds.

People are accommodated in double- triple rooms with all and partial modern conveniences in first-class accommodation buildings.

At your disposal:
- massage;
- therapeutic physical training;
- electrotherapy;
- inhalation room;
- stomatological services;
- speleotherapy;
- laserotherapy;
- galvanic mud;
- first aid station;
- ticket reservation;
- hiring rigging out for water sports;
- storage room for luggage;
- organising excursions;
- library;
- dancing;
- sports ground;
- bar;
- movie hall;
- video hall.

The health center provides accommodation from May till September.

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