General Electric International, Inc.

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    42/44 Shovkovychna st., c. Kyiv, 02004, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 490-69-87
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General Manager - Ronal J. Pollett

General Electric Co., USA, has been operating in Ukraine since the 1930's when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union. GE supplied 5 turbines for Ukraine's first Hydropower plant in the 1930's and then assisted in its reconstruction following World War II.

In 1991 GE opened its representative office in Ukraine. The most active directions in Ukraine are the following:

GE Appliances - a distribution network on household facilities which will cover the whole country.

GE Capital Aviation Services has leased several Boeing aircraft to the Ukrainian International Airlines.

GE Lighting - expanding the distribution network for selling various types of light bulbs.

GE Medical Systems - selling medical facilities, in Ukraine for 10 years, expanding rapidly.

GE Power Systems - stepping up activity very substantially,
close relationship with Ukrgazprom for upgrade of depreciated compressor units. Pursuing opportunities with the Power Engineeing Department and
individual power generating companies concerning re-novation of the operating power generating plants and construction of new ones.

GE Harris - promoting advanced equipment by SCADA and EMS.

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