Novator, Production Association

  • Address:
    17 str. Ternopilska, c. Khmelnytsky, 29016, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 78-80-35, (03822) 2-10-74, 2-34-70
  • Web-site:   
General director - Anatoly A. Vdovychenko

Main products/services:
- radars and navigation equipment for aircraft,
- transponders SOM-64, SO-69, SO-70, SO-72M for all types of airplanes and helicopters manufactured in Ukraine and CIS countries;
- domestic gas meters.

Additional products/services:
Low-voltage switching devices (automatic switch for switching of electric circuits up to 250 A; medical physiotherapeutic equipment

The enterprise has moderm metalworking equipment made in England, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

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