State-Owned Lutsk Distillery

  • Address:
    67 Kovelska str., c. Lutsk, Volyn reg., 43001, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0332) 72-48-32, 72-51-87, 77-43-78
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Director - Rostislav I. Ivanov

- vodkas: "Pshenychna", "Stolychna", "Posolska", "Rosiyska",
- strong and bitter liqueurs: "Lumonna", "Pertsovka", "Zubrovka", etc.
State enterprise "Lutsk alcohol and vodka industrial complex" is one of the oldest enterprises of the industry, the date of its official foundation is considered to be 1946, although the first production was organized yet in 1920 - 1930 years on the basis of the private beer factory.

Age-old experience of combination of the age-old compounding and secrets of production with front-rank technology and the most modern equipment gives an excellent result - quality guarantee not only on native land but also far after its scopes. Products of Lutsk alcohol and vodka industrial complex are excellent in an ecological plan and is provided by the reliable control on all stages of production. For its making high-quality alcohols are used only. All products pass the staged system of filtration. High quality of our products begins from crystal-clean water, that is a component part of strong drinks and use exceptionally of the natural raw material collected from the ecologically-clean areas of Ukraine.

Today the industrial complex makes an alcohol ethyl corn presented in 3 sorts of quality (higher cleaning, "Extra", "De Luxe"). On the meeting of the central tasting commission of business concern of "Ukralcohol" for 2003 year alcohol "De Luxe" took the 1st prize among the enterprises of this industry.

Production of the alcohol is carried out on zero-emission technology that allows additionally to provide also the production of passing goods, in particular, carbonic acids, bards, ethers and fusel oils.

In the assortment of Lutsk alcohol and vodka industrial complex there are 26 types of vodka wares (vodkas, brandies) under the trade mark "VIVAT" and 7 kinds under the trade mark of "Polisjanka".

- bitter liqueur "Striletska"

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