Stadnytsya Distillery, State-Owned Enterprise

  • Address:
    vil. Stadnytsya, Tetiev distr., Kyiv reg., 09834, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04560) 5-13-90, 5-20-10
Director - Viktor Zhukovsky

Today the State enterprise "Stadnytskyy alcohol factory" is a member of the State Concern of Alcohol and Distillery Industry (Business concern "Ukrspirt") of State department of food of Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine. Productive facilities of the factory are about 1.5 thousand of decal a day, that allows to produce 500 thousand decal a year. The stuff of the factory consists of more than 100 people. An alcohol is made using an electricity saving technology of the low temperature processing. All the processing schemes are mechanized and automated and are under control of the specialized computer software. The boiler room of the factory works on natural gas from 1998 year. The factory has all needed storehouses to keep produced alcohol.

Basic products are "Luks" rectificate ethyl spirit and a spirit of high quality rectification. There is also exist a possibility to order high-octane oxygen-containing addition to petrol (VKD-S) and ethyl spirit distillate.

We are always open for cooperation!! And you can be sure that our service and products quality won't disappoint you.

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