Solyaris, Private Firm

  • Address:
    53 а, Pushkinska str., c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 706-03-93, 717-96-89
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Director - Vitaliy Ilnytsky

The company was established in the year of 1990. Wholesale and retail sales of hygiene products became the major department of "SOLARIS" in 1995.

It pioneered Ukrainian market and keeps leading in the area.

A new department of professional cleaning equipment was established in 2000.

In that year the first affiliate of "SOLARIS" started operating in Kiev. The second one started operating in Donetsk in November 2003.

Nowadays, "SOLARIS" is official representative of Italian Mar Plast, Interpump Cleaning and exclusive representative of Italian Fumagalli Componenti and German TEMCA.

The list of goods, offered by "SOLARIS":
- liquid soap dispenser
- paper hand towels dispensers
- toilet tissues and toilet seat covers dispensers
- hand and hair dryers
- electronic air freshers
- professional wet and dry vacuum cleaners
- professional hot and cold water high pressure cleaners
- floor sweepers and scrubber-dryers
- service trolleys
- cleaning implement
- consumptive products (soft and liquid soap, Z-folded, C-folded, and roll paper hand towels, toilet tissues, electronic air freshers bottles, detergents)
- toilet seat covers etc.

Firm "SOLARIS" has a service center located in Kharkov to provide on-warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the production, sold through "SOLARIS".

Kiev affiliate
office 16, 11 Kniazhy Zaton St., Kiev 02068
Tel./Fax (044) 572-60-14, 572-60-89

Donetsk affiliate
82 Universitetskaya St., Donetsk 83114
Tel./Fax (062) 381-30-23

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