ElKor, Electrical Corporation

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    157 L. Landau ave., c. Kharkiv, 61060, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 763-29-15, 763-29-16, 763-29-17
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Executive Director - Yuriy Pugachev
Commercial Director - Oleksandr Sosnovsky

"ElKor" Electrical corporation is the leader at the krainian market of high-performance low-voltage complete sets, a producer and supplier of equipment of all types of complexity for power engineering: HPPs, NPPs, heat power stations, heat power plants, distribution and transforming substations (voltage 750 kW), traction substations of electrified railway transport.

The corporation has a special designing office for complete devices (former "Special Design Office of "KhEMZ" Research and Production Company) which enables the corporation to receive orders for low-voltage complete sets of individual production and temporary orders.

Technical specifications (in the Russian language) for production of low-voltage complete devices, including their development if necessary, can be received according current normative documentation.

The main types of low-voltage complete devices supplied for power engineering objects:
- cabinet units for complete transformer substations for PPs' own needs;
- boards and cabinets of alternating and direct current for PPs own needs;
- specialised complete devices of power distribution and technological gear control for PPs;
- facilities of complete technological protection of PPs' primary equipment;
- cabinets and boards of protection, automatics, control, measuring, registering, signalling for substations;
- boards and control panels of PPs' modular and primary distributing switchboards; including those for full-scale simulators;
- local boards and control cabinets of various purposes for PPs and substations; for traction substation of railway stations;
- cabinets, boards and racks of control, protection, measurement, accounting, alarm signalling;
- boards and cabinets of alternating and direct current for local needs.

The corporation manufactures and supplies the aforementioned facilities completed both with the devices produced in Ukraine by the leading world manufacturers, namely Schneider Electric, Siemens, etc. The mentioned componentry meets the modern technical level, smaller sizes, and are reliable and user-friendly. That enables to combine customer's requests with price and quality. The devices are produced at own facilities, which quality system meets ISO 9002-95.

Coating of the low-voltage complete devices is performed with powder thermosetting paint RAL-7032, which enables to exploit the equipment in various climate environment.

Recently the corporation has manufacture and supplied facilities for power-generating units of the Rovno, Khmelnitsky, Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya and Zaporozhie NPPs, the Zmiev, Burshtyn and Dobrotvorskaya Heat PPs, for the Lvov, South-Western, Donetsk and Southern railways, "Vostok-Steklo" works (Semipalatinsk). In some low-voltage complete devices completing facilities and metal-structures by "Schneider Electric" were installed.
Besides, "ElKor" corporation is an authorised producer of panels of "Schneider Electric" (certificated).

Warranty life of the low-voltage complete devices is 2 years. If the facilities are supervised by the corporation during assembling, installation, adjustment and putting into operation, warranty lifetime can be prolonged.

Taking into account the above-mentioned we offer you to consider a possibility of using the corporation experience and potential for equipping your enterprise with reliable, advanced facilities by our range of products.

We are ready to consider any mutually-beneficial offers.

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