Katran, Research and Production Company

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    23 a, Academika Kurchatova str., c. Kyiv, 02166, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 518-20-15, 518-51-05, 518-64-76
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Director General - Nataliya M. Balashova

"Katran" was established in February, 1991 with the participation of the United State Search-Rescue Service of the USSR with the aim to create and quickly introduce new types of individual protection facilities, first of all hydrosuits which correspond or exceed in quality and design products by the leading world producers.

The company permanently improves technology and quality level for its products. In 1998 it completed designing feed and leakage valves by own construction which enabled to reduce the price of hydrosuits of "dry" type and make them even more reliable.

Since 1991"Katran" designs and produces:
- warm windproof suits (for Antarctic expeditions);
- rescue ranger hydrosuits "Spasatel- ES";
- rescue hydro-heat suits;
- hydrooveralls for deep diving;
- sports diving suits;
- diving suits designed for carrying out subwater technical, wrecking works and works of special assignment for depth to 60 m.

All products are manufactured according to Technical Specifications registered in the Ukrstandard, meet requirements of the international convention "SOLAS 74/83" and are certified by the Russian Marine Register of Navigation which proves compliance of the products with international standards. Constant works on improvement of technologies for production and construction of hydrosuits require attentive and scrupulous studying of all technical novelties, published by the leading companies on designing and supplying outfit, raw materials, materials and componentry. Experience in participating at international exhibitions enabled to establish direct and close contacts immediately with foreign producers, designers and suppliers. That enables to apply new developments, materials and technologies while creating own products. Those resulted in the fact that "Katran" products were duly appreciated at international exhibitions.

List of consumers of "Katran" products includes, namely Ministry of Defense, Ministry for States of Emergency, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Science and Technologies, Antarctic station named after Academician Vernadsky, rescue services and stations, enterprises of oil extraction industry, ship-building plants and ship owners.

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