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Institute VNIICHIMPROJECT, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    11 Maryny Raskovoyi str., c. Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 517-05-81, 517-16-15
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President - Yu. Tkach

Institute VNIICHIMPROJEKT the leading company in Ukraine which develops and produces household chemical goods and cosmetics.

Scientific-research and design institute of chemical industry VNIICHIMPROEKT was established in 1970. It used to be the main complex establishment of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR dealing with problems related to development of household chemical goods.
In 1993 the Institute was reorganized into collective enterprise.
In 1994 the staff privatized the institute and created Closed Joint-Stock Company VNIICHIMPROEKT Institute.
Within 1970-2000 the specialists of the institute developed a wide range of modern household chemical goods, more than 400 developments were implemented into production, the designs developed by the institute were used to built and reconstruct more than 50 specialized enterprises.

- carries out scientific research on creation of new ones and modernization of the already existing household chemical goods and cosmetic products, their production technologies and intermediate products used in their manufacturing;
- carries out complex design of the enterprises which manufacture household chemical goods and cosmetic products;
- manufactures a wide range of cosmetic products and household chemical goods;
- provides polygraphic services on designing packages for different kinds of products;
- carries out design developments and produces packing and non-standard equipment;
- provides work of the technical committees of Gosstandart (State Standard) of Ukraine: TC 49 Synthetic detergents and TC 120 Packages, containers and packing materials;
- carries out certified tests of household chemical goods and cosmetic products in the laboratory accredited by UkrSEPRO system;
- provides metrological service of the enterprises;
- issues periodicals Chemical Industry of Ukraine and Packing.

The Institutes tradition is constant aspiration for creation and manufacturing high-quality goods utilizing natural raw materials and effective additives favourable for peoples health and environmentally friendly.

VNIICHIMPROEKT JSC became the winner of 100 of Best Enterprises in Kyiv-2001 rating.
VNIICHIMPROEKT JSC was awarded with the international prize For Quality on the 10th of March 1997 in Paris.


- research and development of compounding, technologies and equipment, normative documents for manufacturing washing, cleaning and bleaching detergents for different purposes, glues, preparations for automobiles, sprays, cosmetic products;
- research and creation of new primary materials for household chemical goods manufacturing;
- analytical research and creation of new methods of raw materials quality control, household chemical goods and cosmetic products control;
- research and development of compounding and technologies to produce packing polymer materials, auxiliary packing materials (glues, sealing compounds-plastisols), ways of reprocessing used packages;
- construction of packing and other types of equipment.

- general design of enterprises, establishments and separate technological units which produce different household chemical goods and cosmetic products;
- design of separately standing production facilities, engineering and common use buildings, warehouses, substations, gas-distributing stations, etc.;
- design of internal-site and external-site engineering nets;
- design of energy-supplying systems utilizing automated systems of control, stock-taking and regulation of energy resources consumption, local systems of electric energy, heat, gas, water, compressed air consumption counting;
- design and letting out of the objects turn-key.


Cosmetic products under Lakos trademark

Cosmetic products are created on the basis of wonderful natural oils and fats, herb extracts, biologically active additives and vitamins.
Well-balanced formula of each product positively influences skin processes.
Face-care, body-care and hair-care lines:
- Zoloto laniv line contains wheat-germ extracts;
- Zeleni chary line contains herbal extracts on the basis of walnut oil;
- Bio-more line contains kelp and Black sea mussel extracts;
- Bishofit line with mineralized water of underground springs, which contain valuable micro and macro elements.

All these cosmetic products have undergone successful clinical tests at the Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at Ukrainian Medical University (Dermatology department), at Kyiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, at Ukrainian Scientific-Hygienic Centre.

Scientific and technical potential of the institute is the basis for shampoos, which are able to firm and stimulate hair growth, nourish and provide your skin with vitamins and make your hair look healthy and shine.

Cosmetic sprays and household chemical sprays are produced utilizing ecologically pure raw materials. They include:
- deodorants for body;
- deodorants for feet;
- shaving foam;
- styling foam for hair.

Household Chemical Goods:
- washing detergents;
- dish-washing liquids, powders, carpet-washing detergents;
- auto-shampoos for cleaning different parts of a car.

Technical-purpose goods, raw materials and semi-products:
- glues for packing;
- technical detergents for different purposes;
- semi-products for manufacturing shampoos, creams and other chemical goods.

- units, semi-automates and automates for packing liquid and viscous products in packages of different volume;
- equipment for sealing and labeling packages;
- mixers, pumps, pilers..

VNIICHIMPROEKT JSC welcomes enterprises and companies of Ukraine and other countries to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms!

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