VIPOS Automobile Group, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    9a, Simyi Hohlovykh str., c. Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 502-85-71, 502-85-73, 502-85-75
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General Director - Viktor Postelnikov

In spring 1996 Audi AG made its choice- a transport company "VIPOS Autogroup" and gave it the status of an official Audi AG importer in Ukraine which unlike the strategy of other automobile companies means giving to "VIPOS Autogroup" an exclusive right to import new cars into Ukraine. "VIPOS Autogroup" strives to follow the main AUDI principles, realizing that making its motto "Advancement through technology" a reality is impossible without a high level of technical service, which takes into account specific Ukrainian conditions.

Cars manufactured specifically for Ukrainian market undergo additional treatment while still at the factory in Germany. Adding a strengthened suspension to a car enables our clients to feel confident on the Ukrainian roads. AUDI company is the only passenger car manufacturer stock-producing all its models with four-wheel drive (Quattro) which is of paramount importance for our climate conditions.

All Audi cars coming into our market are adapted to the fuel and driving conditions of Ukraine. The importer provides all the company warrantees (2 years for the whole car irrespective of its mileage, 3 years for its paint coat and 12 years - for the body corrosion). The car delivery is fulfilled with consideration to all clients' requirements, an exclusive car can be delivered with any accessories.

"VIPOS Autogroup" has among its plans extending the current dealership network in order to make its service as close to the client as possible. Preference in choosing new dealers is given to those possible candidates who can not only buy and sell cars but also provide technical service for them.

Car maintenance stations are equipped with modern equipment and special tools. Supply of original spare parts and components is organized. Mechanics who work at the maintenance stations take compulsory courses given by German experts - representatives of Audi company. Close contact of the importer company with Ingolstat plant ensures monitoring of the technological production process for the ordered car and giving regular reports on the progress to the client. This also enables the importer to take into account the client's wishes as to the body and salon colors, installation of additional equipment and many other aspects which make it possible to provide a stock-production car with exclusive features.

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