Osokor, Close Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    7h, Zdolbunivska str., c. Kyiv, 02081, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 492-00-40, 550-80-01, 574-39-16
Director - Mykhailo P. Glygan

Our enterprise is 60 years old. It is an associated member of the "Kyivmiskbud" Holding Company. The enterprise employs about 200 highly-qualified specialists.

The company is diversified. It manufactures different products mainly made of wood for different buildings construction and repairs.

"Osokor" produces:
- saw-timber of different types;
- about 200 types of doors;
- wide assortment of windows including double glass units;
- parquet of different sizes made of different types of wood;
- plinths, platbands, glazing beads, hand-rail, floor-boards, molded boards, wooden window-sills, etc.;
- custom-made furniture;
- enamel, clearcole;
- slaked lime, mortargrout, mortar mix, concrete, etc.

In order to ensure manufacture of such a wide assortment of products we have a modernized management structure consisting of primary and auxiliary shops. They are located on the area of 9.6 hectares: a wood drying shop, a saw-mill, a joiner's shop, shops producing parquet, paints, slaked lime, construction mixtures, a motor transport shop (about 30 automobiles), a boiler-house, etc.

Owing to the modern production technologies our company managed to increase the production of doors and windows. Parquet production makes about 30% of the total production. Parquet is made of good types of wood. Its quality meets Ukrainian and European standards, its price is reasonable.

Wood is dried in the company drying chambers, which have enough capacity to satisfy the enterprise needs. Heat energy for drying chambers is produced by our own boiler-house.

This year we have begun to produce enamels of high quality. Coating made of enamel is good-looking, stable for temperature difference, water and mechanical impact.

Owing to the correct personnel policy, good psychological climate at the enterprise, we managed to create a social infrastructure providing services to our employees:
- company's buses transport employees to the enterprise and home;
- employees are provided with lunch at reduced prices;
- each year many students from technical schools and institutes do practical work at our enterprise. After graduation many of them come to work at our company.

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