Velton.Telecom, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    44 Chernyshevska str., c. Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 717-77-00, 717-77-19, (800) 10-00-10
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Chairman - Olena Maslak

"Velton.Telecom" Trademark unites a group of companies operating in the telecommunication market of Ukraine.

During its relatively short business history, "Velton.Telecom" has been continuously focused on establishing its reputation as a reliable partner for clients who are keeping abreast of advanced technologies and require the highest level of services in all areas of telecommunications. To date, "Velton.Telecom" delivers telecommunication services to more than 45,000 subscribers in the eastern and central regions of Ukraine.

The core business activities of the Velton.Telecom are as follows:
- local public telephone communication;
- data transmission via Internet;
- implementation of modern complex projects and engineering in the sphere of telecommunication means.

Velton.Telecom TG is licensed by the State Committee for Communication and Information of Ukraine

To build its telecommunication networks, Velton.Telecom uses modern high-capacity exchanges based on the systems ALCATEL 1000 E10 made by the French company Alcatel CIT, the systems 5ECC made by the company LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (U.S.A.), transmission equipment of the ERICSSON company (Sweden), as well as equipment and materials of the world’s well-known and leading national manufacturers. Velton.Telecom TG telecommunication networks are designed by the State Institute of Communication Facilities Design (Giproswiaz) implementing state-of-the-art achievements and technologies in the field of wired communications, ensuring high quality of communications, low interference level and high-speed connections.
Flexible prices and discount systems make digital communication of " Velton.Telecom" affordable to all groups of population and businessmen.

Velton.Telecom subscribers are served in modern billing centres and their network is being continuously expanded. In the payment and service centres, the subscribers, in addition to concluding contracts and paying for communication services provided, have the possibility to receive a wide range of additional services. Operational experience in the Ukraine's telecommunications market has shown that the services delivered by Velton.Telecom can satisfy the highest demands.

In the nearest future Velton.Telecom will offer its subscribers a new project that makes it possible to find solutions to provide telephone communication services to clients in any localities. This will allow to resolve to a great extent the problem of telephony for separately sited and remote buildings and facilities.

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