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    1, Magnitogorska st., c. Kyiv, 01000, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 364-94-70, 502-22-50
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President - Sergey Boyko

The "Volia" Project was started in Kiev in 2000 with the assistance of the "SigmaBleyzer" International Company, which is an expert in the sphere of the business management and business effectiveness improvement. In the course of the project realization the considerable investments were attracted. We managed to purchase, construct, combine and maintain (in accordance with the uniform standard) networks belonging to the largest cable television owners. At present the amount of the investments is more than $ 50 million.
In 2002 the project was reorganized into a company.

The company provides cable television services (under the "Volia Premium TV" trade mark) and a high-speed access to the Internet - "Volia Broadband".

Volia Premium TV
TV programs packages are formed in accordance with the customers' preferences. The packages differ in quantity and contents of programs. Clients can choose a package by their own wish.

The "Ukraine and World" package would be interesting for broad-minded persons. The programs are created by the leading foreign and Russian TV companies.
The "Universe" package includes more than 50 programs of Ukrainian, Russian, European and International TV-channels (including all the programs of the "Ukraine and World" package) and 24 radio programs.

Besides the above basic packages, there are specialized topical packages, which can be subscribed in addition.
The "Movies" topical package (6 TV programs) is aimed at the clients interested in the world of movies. It includes Ukrainian and foreign, old and new movies and materials on popular movie actors' biographies.
The "Sport" package (7 TV programs) comprises on-air transmissions of sporting events, professional comments and extreme sports.

High-speed access to the Internet - the "Volia Broadband" service.
Another telecommunication service gaining more and more popularity is a high-speed access to the Internet by means of the cable television networks.

At present Volya Broadband offers:
- Best home Internet!
- High speed (60 times as much as a traditional dial-up access) - up to 2 Mbit per second!
- Most reasonable price!
- DOCSIS 2.0 modern technology!
- Two services via one TV-cable simultaneously!
- Without telephone line downloading!

All the clients purchasing the "Volya" Internet services receive the "Ukraine" package free of charge.

At present "Volya" is the leading telecommunication provider.
The company serves more than 500 thousand clients in Kiev and tens of thousands of clients in other cities of Ukraine. Our main principles are: reliability, legality and innovation approach.
Owing to the modern approach to the operation of business, the company satisfies a wide spectrum of telecommunication needs of people living in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

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