Velta Communication, Company

  • Address:
    room 208b, 1, Gagarina ave., c. Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 719-09-99
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Director - Oleksandr O. Gulevskiy

The basic directions of activity of the company "VELTA Communication" are information services: the Internet Service Providing.

Our company has some points of presence (communications hub) on the territory of the city. Due to this we provide the highest possible quality of the communication, including our multi-channel entrance phone lines which are connected to several automatic telephone exchange of the city.

Our company has built some regional local networks for high-speed Internet-access, directly from your house, by means of cable connection:

We can suggest a wide spectrum of services concerning the access and organization of work in the Internet:
- Access by switched (phone) lines - using the "BARS" cards;
- Access by the dedicated lines and the Radio-Internet - a high-speed access to the Internet without the restriction of an operating time;
- High-speed access by means of the regional and house cable networks;
- E-mail and ftp services - the organization of own e-mail and the work with file archives.

The company suggests our clients to use a service of the prepaid access to the Internet with the help of Internet - cards "BARS", without accounts, user's payments and contracts. The cards have the following face values 20, 30, 70 and 130 grn.