Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies, State Enterprise

  • Address:
    15 km, Peremogy Av., c. Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 422-81-01, 422-81-03
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Main directions of activity: production providing of Ukrainian radio frequency resource management system: examination of electromagnetic compatibility (selection of frequencies), appropriation of radio frequencies, setting of positive signals, registration of radio electronic facilities (REF) and radio radiating devices (RRD), issuing permissions on REF and RRD operation; issuing permissions on import and sale of REF and RRD; radio frequency monitoring of using radio frequency resource of Ukraine; technical control of telecommunications networks; technical examination of requirement specifications and technical conditions for development, modernization, manufacturing of all types of REF and RRD; technical examination of normative-technical (standards, other normative documents) and normative-methodical (methods, methodical recommendations and others) documents in the filed of radio and telecommunications; certification testing of REF and RRD; complex testing of objects and systems of radio contact on electromagnetic compatibility; control testing of REF for granting permissions on import to Ukraine, and also measuring of areas of maintenance (radio covering) of the stations of broadcasting, TV, radio contact; providing services in improvement of managerial staff and specialists of government and commercial organizations of Ukraine, European and CIS countries by programs «Policy and regulation of telecommunications» and «Radio Frequency Use Management» of the Centre of rising qualification, International Telecommunications Union; providing services in the field of technical protection of information, certification of electronic keys.

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