Synilga, Centre of Beauty and Health

  • Address:
    3, Oboronna Str., c. Lugansk, 91011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0642) 55-11-44, 55-13-81, 55-14-53
Director - Tetyana Yu. Zhuravleva

Main directions of activity:
- hairdressing services: manicure, pedicure, treatment of nails, building and design of nails;
- cosmetology: mezotherapy on face and body, input of preparation "Disport", chemical phenol, phytoestrogenic peeling;
- dermatology: removal of new formations with papolitic research;
- gynaecology: consulting services of gynaecologist;
- consultations of neurologist;
- hydromassage;
- sauna;
- massage;
- tattoo;
- tattoo make-up;
- laser shower.

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