Rubi Rose Agricol Сo, LTD

  • Address:
    9, Sadova str, vil. Morozivka, Baryshevka distr., Kyiv reg., 07526, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 451-48-38, 559-37-63, (04576) 5-23-51
Opened Joint Stock Venture was founded in 1999 year for application of investment project on growing broiler chickens and products of their processing on the bases of domestic manufacture mixed fodder. We work under trade mark " Morozovskie kurchata".

The enterprises make following aims in their activity :
1. The development of agricultural production on the present day base of material and technical supply, on the newest growing technologies, processing, packaging and consumers delivery of final product.
2. Supplying with new work places for inhabitants of Baryshevskogo, Borispolskogo and Jagotinsgo districts, improvement the conditions of their rest, there are more then 1500 people work on the enterprise today.
3. The development of village infrastructure and Baryshevskogo district.
4. To assist fulfillment of domestic market with agricultural high quality products.
5. The enlargement of productive capacity being held constantly.

OJSV " Rubi Roz Agrikol Ko LTD" produces to 100 ton broiler meat per 24 hours. There is a full modernization of technological and processing equipment.

Our aim is productive closed cycle on its own source of raw materials, powers. We have an opportunity, we have a desire to provide our buyer with qualified production.

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