Boyarka Forest Experimental Station, National Agricultural University

  • Address:
    12, Lisodoslidna str., c. Boyarka, Kyevo-Svyatoshyn distr., Kyiv reg., 08150, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04598) 3-54-61
Director - Vasyl Rybak

The station’s staff conducts the research work in the most problems of forestry science: studying the laws of forest ecosystems development, improvement and ecological aspect of forestry technologies, working out and application of new forest paradigm, improvement of the methods of estimation of forest resources, studying the problems of dynamics of phyto-masses and ecological condition of forests, modelling of the processes of deposition carbon by forest because of the global climate changes, optimization of agricultural forest landscapes. The students of all courses take an active part in the researches.

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