JNL, Production and Trading, Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    57, Ivana Mazepy str., c. Chernigiv, 14014, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0462) 67-21-00, 67-21-01, 67-21-03
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Director - Lyudmila Loginova

A producer and exporter of groats the Ukrainian enterprise “JNL” welcomes you. Founded in 1992, our enterprise has formed trading and manufacturing traditions. We won the status of the reliable supplier not only among Ukrainian, but also among foreign buyers.

Ukraine has been traditionally a grain processing and grain producing country. Climatic terms and unique fertile land surfaces allow a considerable grain harvest and producing groats and flour of high quality. Our enterprise belongs to a flour-grinding industry. An administrative-producing complex is located in Chernigov city. The complex for production of grain products and mixed feedings as well as grain elevators with storing capacity up to 15 thousand tons are located 20 km away from the city.
The capacity of our groats mill factories allow to process up to 160 tons of groats per day. A basic group of commodities comprises the following variety of groats: yellow peas polished (whole, split), defatted corn grain, corn flour, millet polished, unground buckwheat, grain pearl-barley, wheat groats.
According to the results of the National Business Rating PPTE “JNL” occupies leading position in grain-milling industry and in the industry of groats and is multisectoral.

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