Bureau Veritas Ukraine, Company, Kharkiv Representative Office

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    оf.78, 4, Gagarina ave., c. Kharkiv, 61001, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 714-98-82, 717-65-14, 757-51-31
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Head of the Representative Office - Oleg Moskalenko

The International Technical Society

BUREAU VERITAS was founded in 1828 as an integrated technical society. The main task was to provide stockholders, owners, freight forwarders and recipients, insurance companies and other interested parties with the trustworthy information on technical condition and reliability of ships, objects, constructions and equipment in order to insure the passengers and cargo safety. The head office of the International Technical Society of BUREAU VERITAS is located in Paris. From the beginning the motto of BUREAU VERITAS activity was "TRUTH" (veritas - latin) and up to now our company is consistent with it. Having the 180 years history, BUREAU VERITAS extended its activity and became the biggest transnational technical society which is now the worldwide recognized leader in classification, certification, inspection, surveillance, assessment, training, consulting and in many other fields.

Beginning with the date of its foundation BUREAU VERITAS Group gained the priceless experience helping its clients to confirm the standards and norms of QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) and social responsibility.

BUREAU VERITAS Group is the diversified organization, which consists of different departments, such as:
- Industry
- Civil engineering
- Transport and its infrastructure
- International trade
- Aeronautics
- Environment
- Oil and Gas and Process

The technical process changed our world during the last 180 years but truth always remains as well as it remains the main goal of BUREAU VERITAS activity.

BUREAU VERITAS means 40 000 employees, more than 900 offices and laboratories in 150 countries and 370 000 clients all over the world.

BUREAU VERITAS Black Sea District for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia

Bureau Veritas Group Black sea District for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia was founded in 1996, with Central Office in Kiev. Regional Department became a full member of Bureau Veritas Group and got all authorities from the Head Office in Paris and the Head Office in BV Certification in London. There are 14 offices and representations, which coordinate the work of more than 400 inspectors, engineers and experts in all industrial centers of the region, Black sea and Azov sea ports. All regional department offices of BUREAU VERITAS are included in Global Corporate Computer Network of BUREAU VERITAS Group that helps to ensure efficiency and privacy in informing the Customer about the results of provided services and also ensures an immediate consulting and technical assistance.

BUREAU VERITAS Regional Department team consists of highly qualified specialists who help companies to keep competitiveness n Ukrainian and world market.

The current economic situation shows that successful operation of business depends on the quality of product and services, which the Customer is provided with. More than 300 companies are the clients of BUREAU VERITAS in this region which confirms the high reputation of the company as reliable and long-term partner.

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