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Technocom Ltd

  • Address:
    c. Kharkiv, 61105, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 714-82-48, 714-82-55, 714-83-68, 714-83-69
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"Technocom" Corporation Under "Mivina" Trademark, Kharkiv, Ukraine operates in the market of foodstuffs (production and trade) for more than six years. In 1995 the first technological line of fast cooked vermicelli was run and ukrainian market got trademark of Mivina. The past six years have been the years of continual creation and development.

The assortment nowadays:
- 10 sorts of fast cooked vermicelli, 60 g, plastic packs (chicken, mushroom, beef, shrimp, meat all of them are in two variants both spicy and not spicy);
- 5 sorts of fast cooked vermicelli in thermo-glasses, 60 g (chicken, mushroom, beef, shrimp, meat);
- sweet fast cooked vermicelli, 50 g, plastic packs;
- taste seasoning Mivina, 100 g, 5 kinds, (chicken, mushroom, beef, shrimp, meat), plastic packs;
- fast cooked mashed potatoes in thermo-glasses, 40 g, 3 kinds, (chicken, meat and beef).

In Ukraine the "Mivina" tm production has real popularity at the mass consumer. Workers, employees, pensioners, students, children chose "Mivina" tm as daily product. Many of them like successful combination of quality and price, others appreciate a compact pack, simple and fast cookery, thrift. They call "Mivina" truly peoples food.

Distributors associate firmly this name with liquid articles and growing demand. It is not so simple to find articles that are sold as quickly as "Mivina" tm. Accessible price and invariable high quality, convenience of cooking, assortment creates stable, high demand for our product. As a products advantage we can add also work style of the company that is directed to permanent development of partners relations. It is prestigious to work with "Mivina" tm. Among our partners there are almost all leading wholesale firms, trading houses that are working for Ukrainian market of foodstuffs. Timely supplies and full assortment let our partners provide residents of all regions of Ukraine by the product. Flexible approach to price policy and original ideas in advertising promotes expansion of "Mivina" trademark.

For the years of existence "Mivina" product managed not only to gain a wide segment of the inner market but to get an access to the foreign markets as well. "Mivina" is sold in Russia, Baltic countries, Germany, Poland yet. Our product is known in Georgia, Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

"Mivina" production technology saves nourishing matters and vitamins during preparing process. Each stage of production is controlled by own inner quality control service. Quality indexes of product are confirmed by Ukrainian standards system and conform completely to TUU 22686908-001-96, TUU 22686908-002-99, TUU 22686908-004-99, TUU 22686908-005-2000, TUU 22686908-007-2000.

"Technocom" corporation is interested in firm business contacts!

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