AСС-KharkovPlast Ltd

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    4, Zalutynska str., c. Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 373-80-39, 373-80-42, 373-80-49
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Director - Igor Kucherov

Products made of polymers and secondary market of polymer products (secondary raw materials) are the key strategic directions of the AСС corporation.

A clear and consistent movement to this market began in 1 quarter of 2007, when the ACC purchased some part of the production and storage assets (real estate, communications, equipment) of JSC Kharplastmass - the largest Soviet enterprise specializing in the manufacture of plastic products.

For transactions in the polymers market, the AСС corporation created in 2007 a 100% - branch company – Ltd AСС-KharkovPlast.

After one year of hard work and movements to the goal, the AСС corporation turned its new unit - AСС-KharkovPlast factory in the working and income-generating business. We have achieved the following:
We formed a professional industrials team (engineers, technologists, regulators), commercial and marketing departments;
We completely reconstructed industrial facilities according to modern standards of polymer branch;
We created the necessary industrial infrastructure;
We purchased the new industrial equipment of the world leading producers (ASB Nissei, Abplanalp (Jon Wai), Sintesi, Eurochiller, LTM-Motan and others for the 3 shops of different production;
We started production and successfully sell our products.

The AСС-KharkovPlast factory today produces a number of polymer products, most of them are innovative for the Ukrainian market. Our main specialization today is production:
PET packages for pharmaceutical, liquor and cosmetology products
Piled PET boxes, size till 60l. which according to their size are well piled in the euro bottom and can be piled in 5 rows
Cast plastic products for different use
Granule production from secondary polymer materials, including PAS;

In our immediate plans we have an active raise of capacity and technological opportunities for further withdrawal to the Ukrainian market of innovative polymer products. We are confident in their abilities and technological opportunities. We are convinced that a flexible and individual approach to each of our clients will ensure a mutually beneficial, stable and long-term cooperation.