MEAT SERVICE Informational & advertising magazine

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    off. 104, 50/8, Dakhnivska Str., c. Cherkasy, 18009, Ukraine
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    +38(0472) 33-01-44, 34-02-64
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Informational & advertising magazine «MEAT SERVICE» - is the periodical issue that informs the potential consumers about equipment used in meat-processing with its servicing, about ingredients, expendables and about meat industry production both in Ukraine and abroad.

Advertisements in the magazine MEAT SERVICE will help you to find the new partners.

The MEAT SERVICE magazine is an essential link in the chain of relations between producers and suppliers of equipment, raw materials, membranes, ingredients, expendables - and their consumers - the meat-processing companies.

«MEAT SERVICE» will help each director and the company's senior staff to find new business contacts, will answer many current actual questions and will inform about innovations in meat-processing and servicing.

«MEAT SERVICE» is the only Ukrainian periodic issue whose main purpose is the granting information free to distribution. Your potential partners in Ukraine and abroad will be informed about your company through the distribution at the specialized exhibitions.

We are inviting you to the cooperation and we wish you to have successful business.