Technopak, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    21 Kosmicheskaya str., room 701, c. Kharkiv, 61145, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 701-07-04, 701-07-05
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Director - Victor Kravtsov

TECHNOPAK LTD. has been working in the market of the packing equipment since 1992. The firm specializes on manufacturing and sale of the equipment and consumption materials of two directions:

1. Strapping of the freights with steel and plastic straps - one of inexpensive and rather efficient methods of packing. It is widely used in making up of freight units, particularly shipping bundles of lumber, fixtures, metal ingots, brick, sectional furniture and other materials and production;

2. Welding of polymeric films - inexpensive devices for packaging products into polymeric films from 10 to 200 micron. On this site you can found hand and pedal operated welding machines for making and strapping packets of different dimensions and purposes.

For many years of successful activity the firm could not only diversified the range of items, but also considerably improve their design and increase quality.

High requirements brought to quality and giving the possibility of after-sale service ensures competitiveness of our production.