Variator LLC

  • Address:
    3, Saburovska nab., c. Kharkiv, 61068, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 738-23-81, 738-31-74
  • Web-site:   
«Variator»TC is a trading company traditionally specializing in the sale of food of grocery group and everyday products. Performs wholesale deliveries all over Ukraine, in Kharkov and Kharkov region, trades through distributor units.

The main product groups:

Canned meat, fish, fruit and vegetable
Condensed milk
Cereals,flour, sugar, starch
Dried fruits
Soda, spices, food concentrates
Household consumer goods and hygiene products.

The company has its own packing production and produces a number of packing (cereals, flour, starch, dried fruit) under own «Sto Pudov»TM . For canned vegetables company places orders at Ukrainian enterprises and sells them under «Ogoniok»TM .