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Director - Volodymyr V. Fedorchuk

Our company has been operating at the market of packing equipment for 15 years. The models of the machines for packing metal band, which we developed are exported to the Russian Federation, CIS countries, North America, Great Britain and Australia.

APPLICATION: banding lumber packages, assembling furniture, bricks, reinforcement, foamed concrete, glass packs, pipes, binding boxes, etc.

Mode of operation lies in spanning band ends, forming a self-sealing lock and cutting the tail.

At the moment the first stage of the plant project implementation is coming to an end - pre-operational testing of a production line for manufacturing high-performance polypropylene packing band is carried out. Advanced high-technology equipment will enable to produce various dimention-types of packing bands for all groups of consumers

Trade range:
- hand-, semi-automated and automated equipment to pack with polypropylene bands
- pack sealers: of conveyer, table-stand and floor-stand types, including "Euroshov"
- equipment to pack in shrinkable film;
- facilities to pack in stretch-film (for technical and foodstuff packing);
- mechanical and pneumatic staplers;
- warehouse trolleys

All packing processes are provided with our equipment and materials. We also provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance for all facilities and tools.