Pharmex Group LLC

  • Address:
    100, Shevchenko str., c. Boryspil, Kyiv reg., 08300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 391-19-18, 391-19-19
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"Pharmex Group" LLC — the most modern manufacturing and research complex in the CIS. Unlike most domestic producers, the complex from the beginning has been designed in accordance with the requirements of European standards for the pharmaceutical industry, the EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and not through the upgrading of separate production sites which were build in Soviet Union times.
"Pharmex Group" LLC is specialized in:
- pharmaceutical development of medicines;
- manufacture of high quality immunobiological and pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements;
- contract manufacturing services;
- laboratory services on drugs quality control and validation of production processes;
- registration of finished drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, health foods, medical products, trade marks;
- consulting and outsourcing in manufacturing, sale and marketing of medicines in Ukraine.