Dnister Cruise company

  • Address:
    Ivana Franka str., 29, Horodenky distr., Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 78114, Ukraine
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    +38(067) 256-36-06
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Wanderings. Adventures. Travel to places where time has stopped. You and I have dreamed of this since childhood. Just 3 hours from Lviv, we found a center with ancient fortresses, millennial forests and prehistoric rocks and waterfalls. There is no Wi-Fi and no mobile connection. But there is clean air, the roar of springs, the singing of wild birds and the boundless energy of natural elements. The Dniester canyon was formed about 500 million years ago, so dinosaurs drank water from these rivers.

In the village. Rakovets, Ivano-Frankivsk region, we have equipped a river port, an ethnic restaurant and moor a ship. Here we offer you for 2 days to immerse yourself in the primordial nature of the Earth.

It charges with energy for further achievements. It instantly relaxes after the frantic rhythm of the big city. This allows you to feel part of an adventure expedition, while maintaining a high level of comfort.