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The specialty “Medicine ” is 5 years 10 months. Form of study - full-time. The main activity of the Medical Faculty of the KhIMU is to train doctors in full compliance with the requirements of the educational standard of higher professional education in the specialty "Medicine".

In the course of study on 1-3 courses basic, medical-biological and pre-clinical disciplines are studied: chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, histology, physiology, microbiology, informatics, pathological anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology, hygiene. From the 2 nd year students go to practice in the clinic and learn the basics of patient care for therapeutic and surgical profile, and practice as a nurse's assistant. In the 3rd year the introductory clinical disciplines are studied - propedeutics of internal diseases, general surgery, radiology, operative surgery, hygiene.

During the clinical sessions, the professional activity of the doctor (admission of the patient with complaints, medical history, objective examination and writing of the medical history, modeling of the plan of examination and treatment, analysis of the data of laboratory and instrumental research, correction of therapy, writing diaries of daily observation of patients and patients) are simulated.