Brech Hotel and restaurant complex

  • Address:
    15A, Shkilna str., Korukivka distr., Chernihiv reg., 15361, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 338-34-34
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The unique hotel complex is in the TOP 10 European breeders of the Hanoverian breed of horses. Today we have turned Brech into the largest and most comfortable hotel and entertainment complex in Ukraine.

We are located in a very picturesque, environmentally friendly place. The large territory of the complex of 56 hectares allows you to feel comfortable for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday and cheerful families with children.

So you can have a good time, we have 3 swimming pools, 3 saunas, 25 procedures in the SPA center, more than 20 types of outdoor activities for adults and children.

You can eat deliciously in one of the 3 restaurants. From simple American cuisine with burgers and pizza to risotto with cuttlefish ink and traditional cream soups or European salads. For children there is a separate menu.
In a word, watch a video about us, choose a good company and come to rest! And we will take care of you!