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    2A, Pshenychna str., c. Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 403-34-42
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The FOMALGAUT-POLIMIN company is the national leader among Ukrainian producers of dry building mixes. The POLIMINTM products are Ukrainian dry building mixes and paints and varnishes that were the first ones to enter the international market. The company produces high-tech products that fully comply with EU regulations and standards. Thanks to the development of modern innovative products and the introduction of a quality control system at all stages of the production cycle, POLIMINTM has won the trust of consumers both in Ukraine and in Europe and is widely used for the construction of facilities, reconstruction, and repair of commercial and technical buildings.

FOMALGAUT-POLIMIN is the only Ukrainian company that has certified about 40 types of products according to European standards. The range of products includes more than 120 items, among which the following product groups are presented: mixes for flooring, adhesives for tiles, joint fillers, mixes for facade insulation systems, plasters (cement, lime, silicone, acrylic ones), putties and primers, paints, masonry mortar, mixes for autoclaved aerated concrete, waterproofing, etc.