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Kharkovenergoremont Holding Company

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Director General - O. Bendus

SPC Kharkovenergoremont Ltd. is the engineering-and-repair company providing services in the field of engineering, designing, diagnostication, fault detection, equipment supplies, selection of contractors, project management, including supervision of the work and performance of site operations, commissioning operations, guarantee and post guarantee maintenance provided for projects involving assembling, upgrading, reconstruction, rehabilitation, extensive repair of thermal- and hydro- power plant units and turbine shops of nuclear power plants of up to 1000 MW power rating.

Our company has accumulated considerable expertise in providing services involving reconstruction, upgrading, rehabilitation and extensive repair of thermal- and hydro power plants. Our experience dates back to the original stage of our work in the former USSR. Considering our knowledge pertaining to know-how and progress made in this area, SPC Kharkovenergoremont Ltd. may now be recognized as one of the few post-soviet companies who succeeded in entering the international market of services provided for power-generating companies. We also provide services as subcontractors for companies involved in implementation of complex projects involving installation, reconstruction, upgrading and rehabilitation of power-generating units.

SPC Kharkovenergoremont Ltd. renders a whole complex of services as follows for technical re-equipment, reconstruction and upgrading of power equipment installed at co-generation plants (CP), thermal- (TPP), hydro- (HPP) and nuclear power plants (NPP) as well as energy saving units of industrial enterprises:

power units inspection before and after their repair;
assembling of power equipment on a turn-key basis;
determination of maintenance shortcomings and methods of their elimination;
rehabilitation of control systems applied to all types of turbines and vibration adjustment of high-speed power equipment (1500-14000 RPM);
repair of pump, compressor and electrical equipment;
overhauling and adjustment of I&C equipment;
X-ray inspection, supersonic diagnostic, magnetic powder inspection, liquid-penetrant test, metallographic testing and mechanical parameters investigation by means of up-to-date instruments and methods;
chemical treatment and temporary close-down of power equipment within the period from 3 months to 5 years;
inspection, repair and painting high-rise building and constructions including power plants buildings, chimney stacks and cooling towers by means of industrial mountaineering;
design development, erection, mounting and commissioning of small power units with the capacity from 0,5 to 12 MW for industrial enterprises;
SPC Kharkovenergoremont Ltd. provides as well:

the program of initial training and improving of skills level of electric welders with further testing to give a qualification in welding of power equipment;
delivery of spare parts for all types of turbines, generators, special equipment and instruments, delivery of turbine oil and OMTI oil;
maintenance teams.
The Company performs works at power plants located in Ukraine, Union of Independent States countries, other foreign countries attended to metallurgical, mineral resource, by-product-coking, food and other industries. It deals with more than 150 customers and partners.

Our company was among the first state-owned Ukrainian enterprises pertaining to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine which passed through the process of privatization. In 1994 the Kharkovenergoremont State Enterprise was privatized to become the Kharkovenergoremont Open Joint-Stock Company. At a later stage, the organization was further transformed to become, as currently known, the Kharkovenergoremont Scientific and Production Limited Liability Company (SPC Kharkovenergoremont Ltd.).

Since the July of 2006 having rented complete power producing enterprise Shostkinskaya TPP including boiler-houses and heating mains (Sumskaya region), we are now producers of electricity and heat.

In the year of 2006 we established a Joint Venture LLC Heatmesters-Khaer Finland Ukraine for carrying out the works on recovery thermal treatment of welded joints, parts and sets of power equipment with an aim of recovering the structure and working conditions of the metal.

In addition to assembling, upgrading, rehabilitation and repair works we arranged supply of equipment, spare parts, instruments, materials and tools from Ukrainian (OJSC Turboatom, Vodoterm Company, OJSC Electrotermia, JSC Interconditioner), Russian (JSC Leningrad Metal Work (LMZ), OJCS Electrosila), Estonian (JSC Virussky Gas-analyzer Plant), German (KSR KUEBLER NIVEAU MESSTECHNIC AG, Endres+Hauser Gmbh + Co, K.A.B. Kraftwerks und Anlagenbau Gmbh), British (NISCO International Limited), Turkish (AKSAN-IS-TICARET) and other suppliers.

The present-day business of SPC Kharkovenergoremont Ltd. is governed by the Quality Management System that has been developed and implemented in compliance with the ISO 9001 international standards. The effectiveness of this system is proved by the correspondence certificate that was granted by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) being the world-known certification center. Implementation of the Quality Management System has enhanced the confidence of customers in our company providing top-quality services and products to meet the customers requirements to the maximum possible degree. Such excellent results are guaranteed by the optimized structure of production, a high level of professional skills and ethics.

We look forward to effective cooperation in the field of engineering, assembly and repair of power-generating equipment.

Our specialists are always ready to come to you to carry out preliminary inspection and make all necessary arrangements of the mutual projects.