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    93 Postysheva ave, c. Kharkiv, 61020, Ukraine
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President- V. Kulik

The Close Joint -Stock Company "Spezstroimontazh" has been set up on the basis of the design and building organizations located in the city of Kharkov.

The Company consists of six self-sustained Building Boards, field technical training center, department for the mechanization of construction work, scientific-&-technical department, production planning department, budgeted departments, marketing department, design and design projects development team.

The company is a permanent participant of "STREHY" symposium in Bratislava.

The Company has a stable financial performance and can obtain bank credit. The suits of any kind including those via Arbitration court were not brought against the Company.

The achieved level of application of the advanced technologies in construction, the use of high quality building materials and objective price policy allow our Company to assume and successfully settle all the construction -related issues on providing high quality of work and fulfilling the Contractual Obligations meeting the assigned deadlines.


- developing the basis and foundation structures;
- developing the concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures of the residential, administrative, civil and industrial constructions and installations;
- mounting the built-up concrete and reinforced concrete structures of the residential and civil constructions of non-skeleton type;
- developing the structures made of small -pieces materials (natural stone, brick, blocks, etc.);
- arranging the wooden structures;
- erecting the polymer, combined, pneumatic and other nontraditional structures;
- developing the floor structures;
- glazing the reinforced concrete and metal frames, shop windows and stained -glass windows using large dimension glass, glass packs and profile glass;
- arranging the membrane, built-up and block roofing;
- restoration jobs done for the basis and foundations of the constructions and installations, load -carrying structures, the concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, brick, wooden and metal structures and articles;
- jobs done on reconstruction and major repairs of the basis and foundations of the constructions and installations, load -carrying structures, the concrete and reinforced concrete, stone, ferrostone, metal, wooden and fencing structures;
- mounting the structures of the outdoor engineering networks and systems;
- mounting the structures of the indoor networks and equipment;
- mounting the metal intensive technological equipment;
- performing the whole set of wiring jobs of 0,4kV to 10kV (cable networks, automation networks, communication networks, outdoor lighting systems for the residential and industrial constructions, distribution devices and transformer substations).


The main line of activity of CJSC "Spezstroimontazh" is related to performing the building -&-mounting work of any type in the residential, public and industrial constructions.

The specialists of the Company do the following work:

- preparatory jobs on the construction site including the housebreaking, dismantling the equipment, rearranging the networks, removal of garbage, arranging the temporal water supply systems, sewage systems, power supply systems and fencing.
- earthwork and construction of the foundations including those of the pile-type;
- mounting the load-carrying and fencing structures of any type and constructing the monolithic skeletons for residential and industrial buildings;
- arranging the interior and exterior engineering networks, mounting the equipment, restructuring and major repairs of the engineering systems;
- restructuring and repairing the industrial buildings including those with the light-aeration lanterns;
- construction, reconstruction and major repair of the residential, public and industrial buildings including those built on "turn-key" basis;
- construction of the individual housing estate, collective garages and motor-car parking;
- exclusive finishing for the apartments and offices.


The Company works out the design estimates, draws up the licensing documentation and in case of capital repair or reconstruction performs the preliminary inspection of the buildings and works.

Our specialists draw up the tender documentation starting from setting the task, they also render assistance to the customer in preparing the benchmark data for the projects.

The availability of the design office and the long-term contracts on cooperation with the research institutions and specialized higher educational establishments allow us to resolve the issues related to the design of the installations of a different complexity and purpose: residential houses with different number of storeys, including sky-scrapers, individual cottages, the public, shopping and other civil buildings in different branches.

The Company gained abundant experience in design, reconstruction and repair of the industrial buildings with light-aeration lanterns.

The professional design team of the CJSC "Spezstroimontazh" designs the individual interiors of the living rooms and offices and renders assistance to the Customer in furnishing and procuring the required equipment.


Our specialists managed to summarize the home and foreign experience gained in arrangement and repair of the flat and pitched roofs for different buildings using different materials of the leading Ukrainian roofing companies, Western Europe Companies and the USA companies (General Membrane, poliglass, rockwool, Paroc, Isover, Isopol, Siplast, Akwaisol, Isoflex). The Company also worked out the arrangement and operation manuals for these materials.

All the materials used by us are subjected to additional inspection on receiving each batch for the definite project.

The new line in our activity is complex repair and reconstruction of the roofs (making the metal parts drawings) with light-aeration lanterns taking into consideration all the factors which improve the operating characteristics and provide joint operation of the new and old structures.


The main trend in the activity of the CJSC "Spezstroimontazh" is considered to be the work done on construction, reconstruction and repair of the engineering works and structures for the industrial enterprises and utilities on "turn-key" basis.

We also do jobs on laying and mounting the bus networks of different purpose and of different diameter. The company builds the engineering installations including the reservoirs with capacity of 50000 cubic meters, trestles, manifolds, galleries, etc.


The reinforced - concrete structures of many buildings and works and in the first turn of the industrial ones are continuously subjected to the action of corrosive environmental factors ( chemically active substances, significant dynamic loading, high humidity and so on) Their service life can be prolonged for many years by taking such measures as repair and restoration jobs and anticorrosive protection.

CJSC "Spezstroimontazh" can perform the following jobs:

- inspection, repair and replacement of the slabs and wall panels at any height;
- inspection and restoration of the load-carrying structures of buildings, trestles and overpasses of different purpose;
- inspection and repair of the operating reservoirs and construction of the new reservoirs with capacity of 50000 cubic meters.


CJSC "Spezstroimontazh" builds roads and pavements using different modern materials (concrete, asphalt concrete, paving slab, etc.)

The high quality work assures the long operation of our works without expenditures on repair and restoration.
We manufacture and perform mounting of the functional and decorative fencing of any type.

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