Ukrainian Satellite Systems, (UkrSat), Joint-Stock Company

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    12 Borysohlibska str., c. Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 596-10-11, 596-10-20
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Chairman of the Board - Borys Nepomyaschy

"Ukrainian Satellite Systems" (Joint-Stock Company "UkrSat") is a local multiprofile enterprise created without foreign capital, which has the greatest popularity as the largest satellite communications operator.

Since 1995 "UkrSat" has been providing services by means of the Center of Satellite Communication Systems Operation, which is capable to provide services for about 400 stations located throughout the territory of Ukraine. The supermodern central hardware complex is acquired and entered into operation of "UkrSat" company independently, without financial and other help of the state and is one of 10 largest operating Centers in Europe. Also later, by it’s own forces, were carried out two radical modernizations of the Center of Satellite Communication Systems Operation. The created most powerful Teleport is capable to serve 12000 stations (VSAT-terminals). Each of them provides highly reliable transmission of all kinds of information: data, speech, faxes, video, Internet.
Use of the Center of Satellite Communication Systems Operation allows saving the significant state funds. It also provides the highest (in comparison with other ways of satellite communication) technical and economic parameters by purchase of the equipment for departmental integrated networks, as also by their operation.

The company "UkrSat" has realized a number of the strategic information and telecommunication projects: The State Tax Administration of Ukraine and State Customs Service of Ukraine, corporate satellite systems of banks and large state and commercial organizations.
Since 1999 "UkrSat" provides Internet services to the largest state and private organizations, leading Internet-providers of Ukraine. Having constructed the most powerful Network Operation Center and owning powerful direct high-speed links with the Internet networks in the USA, Europe and Russia it provides the customers with complex of services, coordinates the process from the user up to the leading operator.
The structure of "UkrSat" includes 8 branches and 16 partner companies, in which it owns 50 % of the shares.
This year the company has registered the new trademark "SatElit". Now it offers to Ukrainian users the uniform complex of "economical" Internet and paging services focused on the mass market.

The name of the new trademark unites the space communication with the highest quality of the provided services.
In the year of 2000, the company "UkrSat" has created a news agency "Satinform", which includes the television project "Real video". It is possible to become the eyewitness of any event occurring in the world from any place of the planet having access to Internet. The local company "UkrSat" has broken geographical and time borders. High technologies allow to take part virtually at press-conferences, setting the questions by means of chat, tele-bridges, concerts, sports competitions. This distinguishes "Satinform" from all agencies existing in Ukraine. The dialogue with million-people audiences is important both for political figures, and for businessmen, people working in the cultural sphere, sportsmen and journalists. "Satinform" means efficiency of information transfer on huge spaces, high quality of vide-broadcasting to the Internet.
"UkrSat" expands the activity of operator also in "non-satellite" areas: paging, trunking, control network of the movement of vehicles, the most powerful Network Operation Center, the Kiev basic integrated network, its own ATS in Kiev are created, the construction of local public telephone networks is being now carried out.

The company "UkrSat" was given the certificate "High-Qualificated Service-Provider of the Satellite Communication Equipment ". Such document today is unique in all Eastern Europe. The foreign experts consider that the qualitative level of the UkrSat’s services do not concede to the services of the West-European operators but is significantly, 2-3 times cheaper. "UkrSat" makes the profit not through the increase of the prices, but by the increase of volumes and improvement of quality of the services for the greater number of consumers.
The State Committee of communication of Ukraine has provided our organization with the authority on independent and direct cooperation with the international consortium INTELSAT on all contractual, financial and technical-operational questions, without the intermediaries in Ukraine and abroad.

Since March 1999 the company carries out the Charity Program "Young Generation - into XXI Century". Having supplied the equipment and having connected 162 schools to the Internet in Kiev less than for one year, it is going to start the second stage of the program - connection to the Internet-network schools in the provinces of Ukraine. More than 350 schools of Ukraine have already received free-of-charge computers and other equipment and access to the Internet. Among the beneficiaries of UkrSat’s Program there are schools of Obuchov, Fastov, Brovary region of Kiev area, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zakarpatye, Zaporozhye areas, Crimean Autonomous Republic and Kiev. The nearest plans of UkrSat is to supply with the necessary equipment and to connect to the Internet as more as possible of educational institutions of Kiev area, and in the future all Ukraine.
The specialists of the company help to create school Web-sites. Through the educational Internet-portal (, created by "UkrSat", teachers and schoolchildren find useful information, participate in teleconferences, virtual sessions of the Club of the Erudite, educational Internet-projects.
"UkrSat" awards with the money prizes the winners of Computer Science Olympiads and their teachers-instructors, carries out various competitions for all participants of the Ukrainian Internet-sector.

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