Chernihiv Khimvolokno, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    78 Ivana Mazepy str., c. Chernigiv, 14011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0462) 65-02-90, 65-14-49, 65-14-51
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Head - M. Mikhalevich

"Khimvolokno" Chernihiv Enterprise is one of the leading chemical enterprises of Ukraine. In December 1999 the enterprise celebrated its 40th anniversary. During the period of its existence the enterprise was reconstructed. Due to that fact all the production capacities were increased, i.e. caprone yarns manufacture by melting method, polyamide monofilaments (fish-lines) manufacture. New equipment was put into action, i.e.: unit of continuous extraction and drying (NES-20M), unit of cascade polimerization (LKP-20), unit of continuous drying (NS), assembly of polyamide dying.

The characteristic feature of the company’s work is reliability of its work with clients.
Introduction of new undertakings, technologies – all these qualities allow "Khimvolokno" to stay one of the leading chemical enterprises during many years.

Types of activities:
Manufacture of :
- anid and caprone cord fabrics;
- polyamide yarns of technical use, for textile, tricot, textile-haberdashery, hosiery industries;
- monofilaments for screen fabric, screen-fibres materials, textile industry;
- polyamides: PA-6 original, for food industry, PA-6 secondary, PA-66;
- polyamide fibres for textile, carpet industry, consumer goods, out of yarns mixture;
- consumer goods.

At the present time some new assortments of the main production are worked out:
- polyamide texturised yarn 7,75 tex x 2, elastic dyed and dull;
- caprone cord fabrics, Sorts 6-KNTS-O; 12 KNTS;122 KNTS; 123 KNTS;
- monofilaments out of propylene, polyethylene in different assortments, dyed and transparent.

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