Center of Systematic Health Research, Bukovyna State Medical Academy

  • Address:
    2 Teatralna oshcha, c. Chernivtsy, 58000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0372) 22-52-75, 51-59-42
Director - Volodymyr L. Tarallo

The Center for Systemic Investigations of the Health of Human Population attached to the Bukovyna State Medical Academy develops and implements numbes of scientific-practical programs, comprising original elaborations dealing with topical social problems which have no analogues in the world and which help to solve social problems of any territorial level. They are based on the law of the survival of populations discovered in 1995 by the Center’s workers and may be realized with your participation on the territories of your and other countries.

While being engaged in a study of the population’s health, we found out the solution of the key problem of survival as well as a number of social and political issues which have an interregional character. The obtained results bear quite new knowledge which hasn’t been included into the traditional scientific subjects yet, and is also opposed to them to a certain degree. The application of the results achieved, lead us to methodical and practical recommendations on the interregional cooperation as the most efficacious means of the solution of the problem of the safety existence and survival for the people.

This set of problems is solved on the basis of the traditional methodical approaches, requires considerable resources and is practically unsolvable. Our results achieved do allow to solve the mentioned problems as well as s number of other ones associated with them. Moreover, we use common data which are operated on any territory of people’s habitation.

These elaborations have long-term and promising scientific and practical tendency, they may be considerably extended and intensified. All of them are aimed at the implementation of possibilities for social projecting of the population health and the state of territories of its habitation, at achieving the best possible results with economical use of resources by means of increasing the efficiency of the existing information systems.

We hope for your being interested in the above mentioned elaborations and offer mutual cooperation in various trends.

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