Olymp, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    4, Zavodska str., c. Svitlovodsk, Kirovohrad reg., 27507, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05236) 7-12-90, 7-13-04, 7-13-05
- mobile transmitting and relay stations used in the army, for geological purpose etc.;
- "Olympic-412" radio sets;
- radio-recorders with T.

OLYMP, Joint-Stock Company was established in 1964. It is located in the central part of Ukraine on the Dnieper River about 280km southeast from Kyiv. The company has access to automobile, water and railroads of Ukraine.

Formerly the enterprise was one of the biggest manufactures of tropospheric radio relay stations for the Ministry of Defense of the former Soviet Union. Warsaw Treaty countries used these stations to establish reliable multi-channel communication lines. The stations were manufactured on stationary and mobile (heavy truck) basis.

Now the production area of OLYMP is about 100,000 square meters and includes 7 premises. Staff of the enterprise is highly qualified and well trained.

Managers of high level were trained in the USA and Germany. Within TACIS program the inner training for all levels of personnel was organized.

Due to conversion now company manufactures digital radio relay stations RADIUS-15. About 60 percent of the products are exported. The station meets all the requirements for reliable communication. In addition to radio relay stations, a number of consumer goods, mainly portable TV and radio sets, are manufactured.

Taking into account the fact of deep conversion, 14 Branch Establishments were organized.

The woodworking shop of the company manufactures sets of office furniture. Company also manufactures spare parts for flourmills based of the design by the world leaders in manufacturing of such equipment, German companies MMW and Baumgarten.

Fodder combine harvester KKZ-150 OLIMP is also in the company's production list.

OLYMP has the following well-developed types of production: mechanical engineering (assembling), forming, hardening, plating, woodworking, printing, and testing.

The enterprise includes 15 legal entities and each of them is economically independent.

OLYMP is interested in cooperation and partnership with foreign companies.

OLYMP, Open Joint-Stock Company, has powerful production basis, skilled personnel, and production equipment intended for:
- mechanical assembling,
- radio assembling,
- stamping,
- welding,
- foundry,
- galvanic plating,
- painting,
- forgery,
- thermal treatment,
- tool-making,
- wood processing,
- production of plastic and rubber parts,
- microelectronics,
- printing, and
- testing.

The enterprise offers collaboration to Ukrainian and foreign companies in the following directions:
- sale and maintenance of tropospheric communication devices,
- sale and maintenance of single- and multi-channel relay communication lines for wide use,
- co-elaboration and production of forage-harvesting agricultural equipment:
self-propelled combines of middle class
reaping machine (for grass, maize, drum-rotary)
pick-up machine
- co-elaboration, production and sale of household heating boilers operating on gas and hard fuel,
- co-elaboration and production of radio-electronic devices,
- production and sale of furniture for home and office.

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