Zaporozhcoke, Private Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    4, Diagonalna str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 219-08-36, 283-92-10, 283-92-24
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"Zaporozhcoke" Joint-Stock Company is a leading by-product coke plant in Ukraine, it has the complete production cycle of by-product coke products processing. The company has a large experience of operation at the Ukrainian and foreign markets, over 30 partners in Ukraine and abroad. The products comply with the state standards and are certified on compliance with the State Standard of Ukraine.

"Zaporozhcoke" carries out the whole process of the coal processing, burning out coke, recovery and production of the carbonization chemical products.
It includes 5 producing departments: coal preparing; coking; carbonization chemical products recovery; coking gas cleaning from hydrogen sulphide; resin and pitch processing, and service departments: repair, power, railway transport, off-track vehicles, improvement shops and technical control department.

"Zaporozhcoke", OJSC offers:
- gasolene, A-76, doped GOST-2084-77.
- diesel fuel, GOST - 3868-99.
- coal benzol GOST - 8448-78: assigned for synthesis, nitration, technical.

The enterprise has established close and fruitful cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign sectoral research institutes. Jointly with specialists of Kyiv State Research Institute of Building Materials and Products it has developed and is introducing the technology of producing ceramic bricks from coal concentrating wastes. Jointly with the "Ukrcement" Association and the "Cement" Research Institute (Russia) it has developed the technology of coal concentrating ore use in cement production. OJSC "Zaporozhcoke" has mastered the scheme of secluded water use with the disinfection of water.

The enterprise's intellectual property comprises 22 patents and inventions.

OJSC "Zaporozhcoke" offers reliable and quickly recoupable investment projects on the introduction of advanced modern technological processes and hi-tech equipment:
- development of a coal benzol processing module;
- organisation of high-octane petrol production;
- organisation of granulated coal-tar pitch production;
- organisation of wall ceramics production.

The company is ready to consider mutually benefitial business offers.

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