Mykolayiv River Port, Subsidiary Company of UkrRechFlot, Joint-Stock Shipping Company

  • Address:
    1 Proektna str., c. Mykolayiv, 54058, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 58-16-00, 58-16-09, 58-16-10
Head - V. Serbynov

In 2002 the Mykolayiv river port celebrated its 120-th anniversary. The port is located on the Yuzhny Bug river in a geographically advantageous place. Today the port is a well equipped modern enterprise which has freight docks which are over 1 000 running metres long, an extensive railway network. To process cargo the port has portal and floating diesel-electric crane (hoisting capacity 5-16 tons), tractors, motor and electric loaders. The port receives ships up to 140 metres in lenght with 4.5 metres draft at birth. The port has also developed a technology of loading large-capacity vessels with draft of 9 metres at roadstead with the aid of floating cranes. The port has tug boats, cargo self-propelled and floating fleet with total hoisting capacity up to 30 000 tons.

The processes the following types of cargo: metal, timber, coal, coke, metal scrape, iron-ore concentrate, chemical fertilizers, agricultural products (grain, seeds etc.). In 2002 the port plans to process over 1 mln tons of cargo, while the loading facilities available enable to increase volume of cargo processed by 3-5 times.

Jointly with "Agroexport" firm the port put into operation a a grain-processing complex which consists of 5 covered warehouses and 2 covered stations for carriage unloading, a transporting line to convey grain to the birth. In the next year it is planned to process up to half a million tons of grain per year.

The port provides services on agenting and forwarding of cargo, complex servicing for fleet (bunkering with potable water, accepting sewerage water, food refuses, fueling with lubricating-combustive materials).

Navigation in the port is all year round, cargo is processed round-o-clock including holidays.

In 1993 the port became a joint-stock company and since 2000 it is a subsidiary of "UkrRechFlot" Joint-Stock shipping company with a status of a legal entity.

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