Odesa Research and Development Institute of TV Engineering

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    132 Mechnykova str., c. Odesa, 65028, Ukraine
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    +38(048) 722-81-64, 760-17-28
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Odesa Research and Development Institute of TV Engineering (ONIITT) was founded in 1973. The scientific and production activities are both the fundamental developments and television and electronic equipment creation, including special applications.

The institute develops television instrumentation for marine, overland and cosmic location, and also for professional broadcast television applications.

Equipment designed and applied:

- ship TV-broadcasting;
- observation systems and TV-based guard systems;
- cable TV and components: amplifiers, modulators, filters, distributors, multichannel television servers;
- TV signal handling: multifunctional synchronizers, transcoders, digital receivers of satellite telebroadcasting etc. ("AVT" laboratory);
- television signal compression ("AVT" laboratory).
- technological television ("AVT" laboratory);

The institute participates in development of equipment for International space station "Alpha" within the framework of the international space program. And within the framework of the National space program of Ukraine, it takes part in creation of observation systems with space location.

Under the contract with ANTK "Antonov" there is an informational-entertainment system for perspective passenger airplanes. It is the onboard multifunctional entertainment complex that is intended for local airlines airplanes. And, first of all, for AN-38 AN-74, AN-140 and their variants. It is giving the additional services to passengers, such as, viewing of video programs, listening of stereo-audio programs and taking up an additional information about a flight routing, data on height, speed, time of an arrival etc.


The Intitute takes part in the implementation of International Space programs.
Equipment created:
- onboard and ground equipment for TV-signal reception-transmission ;
- ground equipment for colour TV transmission with the "Molniya" satellites channels. It is exploited by the Center of Space Communication, NIP-9 and at spaceport of "Baikonur";
- apparatus for adapting of scientific equipment of the European Space Agency (ESA) to the television system of the orbiting station "MIR". It is operated at OS "MIR" as an regular unit;
- onboard television equipment for supporting of the Japanese astronaut flight ("SONY"order). It is operated at OS "MIR" as an regular unit;
- apparatus for adapting of a special computer of the German Space Agency (DARA) to the television system of the orbiting station "MIR". It is operated at OS "MIR";
- onboard and ground equipment for colour television transmission for the secondary unit of an ICS "Alpha". The apparatus are delivered to a M.B. Hrunichev factory;
- colour monitors and video-cameras for an ICS "Alpha";
- small-sized television camera for the spaceship "Soyuz - TM24" (Russian and French crew);
- colour television system for a descent module of the spaceship "Soyuz - TM25". The reception devices are installed at a space port of "Baikonur" and at CUP (mission control);
- colour television system for the American rescue-ship "Soyus-TMA"; weight-dimension samples are shipped to NASA;
- "board - ground" intercomputer communication equipment for interchanging by a television communication line, as a result of the "MIR-Petfinder" program under the "Boeing" company (NASA) contract;
- communication equipment for integrating of the OS "MIR" local network to the Internet.

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