Malyn Paper Mill, Private Joint-Stock Company

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    66, Prykhodka str., c. Malyn, Zhytomyr reg., 11602, Ukraine
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    +38(04133) 5-33-43, 6-72-09, 6-72-22, 6-72-27, 6-72-92
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Private-Stock Company “Malyn Paper Mill” was founded in 1871 . It is one of the leading enterprises of pulp and paper industry in Ukraine. Our mill is one of the biggest enterprises in Europe by both the number of paper-making machines and the range of products manufactured. It has 17 paper-making machines, one board-making machine and the technological line for manufacturing diagram tapes and heat-sensitive paper. At present our products are up to international standards.

The main products of the enterprise :
- electrical insulating transformer board and “Presspann”
- electrical insulating paper : K-120, TV-120, TVU-085, EN-70, KT-50 etc.
- filter board and paper : BM-70 , BF-145, BFM-180, etc.
- wrapping paper for fat-containing foods
- diagram tapes for heat-recording and ink-recording instruments
- paper made of synthetic fibers
- offset paper and printing paper
- consumer goods

The additional products (services) – manufacture of three-ply safe windscreen for motor cars (“Triplex”) , carpenters services, stuffing of paper rollers, renovation of depreciated details by way of dusting, manufacture of paper rings and tubes .

The enterprise's achievements in the field of quality are marked by Golden Star award from European Initiative Business Management Congress in Madrid .

Production capacities, constantly improved system of labor organization, the modern highly efficient processing equipment, a team of skilled technicians and qualified engineers make it possible to produce more than 200 different kinds of paper, from the finest grades of capacitor tissue paper and wrapping paper, to electrical insulating transformer board of 6 mm thick and compound synthetic papers.

The capacitor tissue paper is supplied in rolls 12 to 500 mm wide with an outside diameter of 180-220 mm.

Electrolytic capacitor tissue papers (KE-I, KEU -I, KED ..) is intended for interliners to prevent breakdowns in high voltage capacitors.

The group of finest and fine papers includes carbon base paper (KO-16, KO-18), waxed base paper (ODP-25, ODP-35), different kinds of cigarette paper (SVV, SVD- wood - pulp laid cigarette paper with printed pattern and without it, wrapping paper for acetate filters, cigarette filter tip paper, cigarette with cardboard holder paper).

In close collaboration with the Ukrainian Paper Research Institute , the Malyn specialists worked out the unique, ecologically pure technology for manufacturing wrapping paper for fat-yielding foods which may replace food parchment. The paper (P-50B, P-50N, P-65B, P-65 N) is intended for automated butter packaging and for lining of large containers for fat-yielding food, for curd and curd product packaging. Another paper ( P-25 B , P-30 B, P-40 B ) is used for confectionery packaging.

Synthetic and cellulose fibers are the base to produce filtering papers and the board for technical and medical purposes. In particular, filtering paper intended to filter air (BF-45) and gas (BFV-150, BFV-180), paper intended for cleaning of lubricants or other liquid oil products (BM-70), filtering paper for laboratories (FS), paper intended for filtering plugs to be used in tests at sugar-refinery laboratories(FBD-18), paper for filtering of sugar solutions(FC-75), board for filtering of beer (OK-2) , champagne (OK-1) and soft drinks (TK).

A staff of qualified engineers has worked out a heat - sensitive paper for medical and general - technical purposes. On its base our company produces a paper , intended for general - technical and medical devices equipped with one- or multi-channel thermal recorders.

Our mill is the only in Ukraine producer of phenilon papers intended for honeycomb filling of laminated aircraft structures.

The mill can propose to the consumers a wide line of insulation papers , cardboard.

Electrical insulating paper includes : lavsan paper (LE-34, LE- 40, LE - 120 -Sin-tex group ), paper for cables (K-120), winding paper (EN-70), transformer paper (TV), dielectric impregnated papers ( EIPB-125, EIPP-80A, EIP - 66B), which are the base for the production of laminates to be used in electrical equipment and espesialy for production of foil-clad paper.

Our mill also manufactures the following electrical insulation board, i.e. EON - for general purposes - 0,2; 0,3; 0,5 mm, transformer board (mark ‘B’)- of 1.5; 2.0; 3.0; and (mark V)-of 1.2; 1.6; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0; 4.0; 6.0 mm thick.

The paper mill may produce cash - register strip-papers of different kinds, office papers and strip-charts for pen recorders, copier paper and more than 20 varieties of stationery (drawing paper, drawing books, pupil’s mark books, thick copy-books etc.).

Having a team of skilled technicians, qualified engineers and the unique paper-making equipment, the Mill effects the flexible policy and accurately responds to all pa-per market needs.

MALYN PAPER MILL, Open JSC, is a supplier of excellent quality products and a reliable partner. It invites to mutually beneficial, fruitful and close cooperation.

Please, call :+380 4133 5-23-09, 5-21- 25, 5-34-86

In 1999 the turnover of the enterprise in its main production was ($ thousand): 8280, including domestic market – 4030, the CIS-countries – 1000, foreign countries – 3250.

The turnover of enterprise in additional production (services) was $ th.736

The analysis of the enterprise location makes it possible to come to the conclusion that economic-geographical site of the mill is favorable one for development of paper production in Malyn Paper Mill .
The following factors are favorable for this development :
1. Availability of sufficient quantity of water and its own station of chemical purification of water, what is a very important factor for the mentioned production
2. Production is in the region of siting of enterprise of qualitative flax mass, which must be brought into the composition of cigarette paper
3. Availability of developed power communications for provision of the enterprise with electric power and heat
4. The mill is connected with Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Korosten’ by motor-roads and with Penezevichi station by track going out farther to main line of South-West railway
5. The necessary and sufficient quantity of qualified personnel what is conditioned by old traditions of enterprise .
6. The powerful sewage-treatment system which fully answers requirements of ecological safety .

Malyn Paper Mill is interested in reconstruction of its production by means of involving of investments The main trend of prospective cooperation is the formation of joint enterprises on the territory of our mill.

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