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Zhytomyr Distillery

  • Address:
    38, 1-ho Travnya str., c. Zhytomyr, 10008, Ukraine
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    +38(0412) 43-03-74, 43-03-80
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One of the oldest factories of Ukraine - Zhytomyr vodka and liqueur producing factory has marked the centenary anniversary in the 1996. The kind of factory was changed for this time, the fourth generation of the experts works already, the new engineering and advanced techno-logy has come. Nevertheless production of the enterprise is glorified as well as earlier due to the old recipes, which are stored carefully and transmitted from generation. Everything, that so generous Polissya ground riches, is used in the original recipes, which have not analogs. There is spirit of high clearing, natural sugar, smelling honey, fruits, berries, and medical grasses.
All branded products are made by group of the experts under the leadership of the director I.A.Urgutis. These drinks are known far outside Ukraine: Zhytomyrska Uvyleyna, Zhytomyrska Aroma-tna, Zhytomyr, Polisskiy Souvenir, Teteriv, Polisska Osoblyva, Zamkova Hora, Drevlianska and the liqueur Berizka. The engineer Urgutis found the recipe of the vodka Zhytomyr Aromatic in 1967. The bitter infusion of the birch buds is the main component of this vodka. Zhytomyrska Aromatna has received the Gold Medal in Moscow, 1969 and a Prize in Los-Angeles, 1977. The recipe of the vodka Zhytomyrska Uvyleyna was developed in 1984 on Zhytomyr 1100 anniversary. Zhytomyrska Uvyleyna contents oil of the hops. It was made in Zhytomyr Institute of the Hops for the first time and was used for preparation of the hops fragrant spirit. Zhytomyrska Uvyleyna remains one of the most popular vodka for more than 10 years. The factory entered to the world market and also has won the American consumer with this vodka.
All branded products of Zhytomyr liqueur and vodka producing factory are patented. Our production is divided to the vodka, the vodka especial, the bitter infusion and liqueurs depen-ding on quality of spirit and ingredients.
The factory was upgraded, new shops and warehouses were built for the last years. The factory actively attends to the analysis of a sales market and firm trade in order to search the paths of strengthening of the economic situation, to reduce product prices and to increase the competitiveness.
The first company shop was opened in Zhytomyr in April 1993. There are 35 shops act today in this region, where up to 30% of whole production realizes.
The world recognition of Zhytomyr vodka proceeds. The factory was given the honour of producing President vodka on the special order from the US Embassy in Ukraine for President Clinton meeting in Kyiv. The production of the factory has received an International Prize Gold Globe in 1995, and the XXV International Prize for Quality in March 1997 in Paris.

The special vodka is made accor-ding to the traditional old recipe of the aromatic alcohol. This alcohol is made of the selected hop varieties with the ginseng addition. The hop is used in the national medicine as good antisepsis and soothing remedy. Ginseng promotes the pro-tective powers of the organism for the colds and infections, clears the blood. The medicine found out that the biggest effect is observed if you use ginseng on the 40% alcohol.

Zhytomyrska Aroma-tna
This is the bitter infusion, the main component of which is infusion of the birch buds. The medicinal proper-ties of the birch buds are known since olden days, this infusion influences positively on the metabolism, moves out the slags and harmful substances from the organism.

Polisskiy Souvenir
The unique vodka made of the high quality alcohol 100% grain neutral spirits. The rye malt and honey, which are its components, influence favorably on the metabolism, increase the protective power of the organism for the colds and infections.

Zhytomyrska Uvyleyna
This bitter infusion is made accor-ding to the traditional old recipes of aromatic alcohol made of the selected varieties of hops. They use the birch sap, honey and the product of the Moscow kvass to make the taste softer. Lemon wormwood and different exotic but-ters lend it the delicate aroma and pleasant taste.

This special peculiar vodka is made of the high quality alcohol 100% grain neutral spirits, the main component of which is the aroma alcohol made of the birch sap. This vodka has the soft taste and light smell of the birch sap.

Zamkova Hora
This peculiar vodka made of the high quality alcohol 100% grain neutral spirits, in line with special technology. It has the soft taste and pleasant aroma.

Polisska Osoblyva
Bitter vodka made of the high quality alcohol-with the addition of the infusion of oak crust. The taste is soft.
The usage of the vodka will bring you exclusive delight.

The peculiar vodka is made of the alcohol of high quality. The worm-wood usual medicinal and sugar compose it. This vodka has a ple-asant taste and smell of the wormwood, influences to the in-terchange of matters.

Liqueur Berizka
The liquor is made of the high quality alcohol and sugar with the addition of the birch buds infusion. You may drink it with tea, tonic, mineral water and make different kinds of the cocktails.

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