Closed Joint-Stock Company "Volyn Silk Plant"

  • Address:
    2, Karbysheva str., c. Lutsk, Volyn reg., 43023, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0332) 71-03-42, 78-89-00
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“Voltex” Lutsk Silk Works is an open joint-stock company located in the western region of Ukraine at a distance of 70 km from the border of Poland. It is easily accessible due to the well-developed railway and motor-road network.

“Voltex” is considered to be one of the largest textile enterprises of Ukraine and the only one, which processes staple fibers. “Voltex” has a complete processing cycle: it produces different types of yarn, gray and finished fabrics.

The spinning-factory has equipment for producing yarn by the card spinning method; ring and open-end spinning is widely used as well.

The weaving mill is equipped with the shuttleless looms with carriages and Jacquard heads, which make it possible to manufacture competitive fabrics differing in their structure and design. The finishing equipment allows rendering fabrics crumpling and shrinkage resistant, as well as performs “Teflon” finishing.

“Voltex” manufactures plain dyed and pattern-colored woven fabrics from viscose, polyester, polyester-viscose blend as well as those combined with natural fibers.

The product line includes 5 groups:
- suit and dress fabrics;
- suit fabrics;
- decorative fabrics;
- special fabrics;
- industrial fabrics.

The fabrics are of different weight categories manufactured from the yarn 2.5 dtex, 2.9 dtex, 2.5 dtex x 2 and 2.9 dtex x 2 and with various compositions of raw materials:
100% viscose fibres,
100% polyester fibres,
67% polyester fibres + 33% viscose fibres,
50% polyester fibres + 50% viscose fibres,
65% polyester fibres + 25% viscose fibres + 10% flax.

Production capacity of the enterprise is 33 000 000 linear meters of fabrics per year. The actual annual output has not exceeded 3 million linear meters for several years.

The company mainly exports suit and dress fabrics priced USD 1.4 to 2.2 depending on the composition, weight categories and delivery amounts.

The highly skilled staff, constantly renewed variety and high quality have combined to allow “Voltex” fabrics to enter American and European markets. In 1995 the enterprise was awarded the “Gold Globe” International Prize for its competitive high-quality fabrics.

The overall territory occupied by the company is 37 hectares. The size of the staff reaches 3000 persons.

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