Izyaslav State-Owned Forestry of Khmelnytsklis, Khemlnytsky State Forestry Association

  • Address:
    32 Myhelska str., c. Izyaslav, Khmelnytsky reg., 30300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03852) 5-22-12
Acting Director: A.P. Malevanchuk

- Containers for fruit and vegetables
- Wood tiles for flooring
- Boards from pine and hardwood trees
- Shovel handles
- Pre-cut wood shed kits
- Boards for window sills
- Wood chips and sawdust
- Turpentine gum

We are interested in increasing the market opportunities for pine and hardwood trees boards, wood tiles for flooring, support columns for mining operations and also we are interested in creating joint-venture to increase wood production.

Summary information on enterprise:
Establishment Date -1936 (was reorganized in 1960)
Type of Ownership - State
Quantity of Employees - 461
Equipment - chainsaws, tractors, wheel tractors, timber carrying trucks, drop side trucks, frame saws, and ring saws.