IODOBROM, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    1, Zavodska str., c. Saki, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 96503, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06563) 2-31-08, 2-31-31, 2-44-90
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Chairman of the Board - Myroslav V. Taran
Director - Olexandr S. Vavulytskyi

OJSC "Research-and-Production Association "Iodobrom" is the main research institution of Ukraine dealing with the problems of iodine, bromine and their compounds.

The history of the enterprise goes back to the year 1926 when the Research-and-Testing Salt Station, the first scientific institution of iodine-and-bromine industry, was set up. During the whole period of its existence the enterprise evolved and progressed. All iodine- and bromine- producing works of the former Soviet Union had been built according to designs and projects elaborated by "Iodobrom". The association supervised all operative enterprises in Ukraine, Turkmenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, directed the strategy of development for iodine- and bromine-industry.

Now, it has accumulated a great stock of scientific and project developments, set up experimental and production basis, prepared highly qualified specialists.

The main directions of "NPO "Iodobrom's" activity are:
- development of new and updating of existing technologies of iodine, bromine and their compounds;
- development and implementation of new competitive products and processes;
- planning of new construction, technical re-equipment and reconstruction of chemical production sites. Designing non-standardized equipment;
- development of highly-productive equipment for new technological processes;
- testing of new technologies at pilot plants, working up of pilor-scale quantities of products and experimental non-standardized equipment.

The association can carry out the whole cycle of work on production of iodine from any iodine-containing feed stock, from scientific elaboration up to commercial output, including the steps of choosing the optimal technology of production.

In 1999-2000, the specialists of the enterprise completed the cycle of work, from elaboration of technology to commercial implementation of a Russian-American 500 t/year iodine-producing plant in Krasnodar territory. The level of technology, reliability of design and the quality of manufacture had contributed to the fact that within a few hours after starting the first line of production the nominal regime was reached whose indices equal those of the best world analogies.

The list of products of the enterprise:
- aluminium hydroxide, finely dispersed;
- flame retardant for cloth;
- antistatic "Tetramix" (octadecyltrimethylammonium bromide);
- bromine- and iodine-containing products;
- pure grade iodine;
- iodine monochloride;
- triiodomethane (iodoform);
- potassium iodate;
- ammonium polyphosphate, highly dispersed;
- magnesite insulating powder;
- potassium iodide;
- titanium equipment.

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