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Telesens IT, Company

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    38, Molochna str., 1, c. Kharkiv, 61001, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 719-94-71, 719-94-74
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The company Telesens IT was founded in November 1998 as a subsidiary (with 100% of foreign investment) of the German company Telesens AG that has well-established reputation for its billing solutions in the world market of telecommunications.

Such worldwide companies as Deutsche Telekom AG and GSM Capital (an association of the largest European and Asian telecommunication companies) are among major shareholders of Telesens AG.

The foundation of Telesens Ukraine means not only inflow of 4 million dollars into the Ukrainian economy, but also an opportunity to apply the enormous potential of Ukrainian programmers.

Due to the high professional level of the employees, in-depth market research, detailed analysis of the goals and continuous striving for perfection, the products of Telesens Ukraine meet the world standards and the requirements of the most demanding customers.


The company Telesens Ukraine develops billing solutions for companies involved in telecommunications and this is effective for network operators and carriers as well as for owners of corporate governmental networks, networks lessees and end users.

The billing software of Telesens Ukraine allows:
- Receiving and processing large amount of data services provided
- Tariffication of services provided
- Providing processed information in the format convenient for the customers for further analysis
- Determining best choice routing (BCR)
- Receiving invoices for services provided in the electronic format with their detailed checking
- Allocating costs to cost centers
- Generating simple entries and exporting them into external accounting systems
- Generating tabular and graphic reports via a special report generator.

The initial settlement data are the data generated by the telecommunication hardware. The software of Telesens Ukraine allows working with hardware of all leading producers: Nortel, Nokia, Siemens, and so on. Due to unique technologies of Telesens Ukraine, the billing programs have the processing capacity of up to 100 million CDRs (call data records) per day while featuring maximum efficiency and minimum inaccuracy.

The Telesens Ukraine software supports not only most of the widely spread voice and electronic communication technologies, but also such rapidly developing technologies as ISDN and ATM, IP-telephony, systems that receive and transmit information in the mobile communication network.

Along with that program, solutions are being researched and developed in the sphere of transmission and processing of information related to recording gas, water, heat and electric power consumption.


When modern communications break all borders and distances, a lot of Western companies try to increase their profits and minimize overhead expenses. In this respect, Ukraine is a unique territory, which combines great scientific, intellectual potential and low running costs. Wages, rents and services are available at a low cost. The local policy is very friendly to capital investment.

The local labour market provides all required skills, programmers, analysts and other technical specialists. The professional level of the Universities graduates is very high; some are able to work with complicated programs and operating systems.

To make sure that customers of Telesens Ukraine are completely satisfied with the quality of our products and services we are keeping our Quality Management System consistent with ISO 9001/9000-3 Requirements.

To make sure that our success in continuously changed market is stable and fail-safe, we are improving our Engineering and Managerial Processes following up Capability/Maturity Levels step-by-step as defined in SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

This influences such factors as:
- Measuring improvements in software product
- Reducing the number of defects delivered to customer
- Reducing the software development schedules
- Increasing productivity

Constantly improving its quality control system and having highly qualified staff, Telesens Ukraine is offering cooperation in the following fields:
- Joint development of software in the telecommunication sphere
- Research & Development Center Creation
- Software research and development in IP telephony and systems of receiving and transmitting information via mobile communication means
- Research in billing gas, water, heat, and power consumption.

As well, we have all the prerequisites and are prepared for cooperation in:
- Internet programming
- Web-design
- E-commerce

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