Crocus-Com, Company

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    240-A Kirova str., c. Mykolayiv, 54031, Ukraine
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    +38(0512) 23-50-85, 23-90-07, 56-14-99
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General Director – Serhiy O. Cherednykov

Sphere of business:
- engineering and manufacturing of hardware-software complexes of telecommunications on the basis of modern technologies and single-chip microcomputers, PIC-controllers, PLCC etc.


The company "CROCUS-COM" is created in 1990 on the basis of property and intellectual potential of the conversion enterprises: radio engineering institute and industrial enterprise of an electronic direction. The company "CROCUS-COM" consists of 8 high-tech enterprises with 240 employees under single financial - strategic management.


The development, manufacturing and modernization of hardware - program complexes of telecommunications, telephone stations, etc.:

- Modernizing electromechanical telephone stations (autodetection of subscribers number equipment, equipment of automatic time account of telephone connections, equipment electronic registers, multiplex equipment, PCM equipment, etc);

- Digital electronic telephone exchanges and their blocks, modules.

The production of the Company certificates according to requirements of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan and widely introducing in these countries. The company is certificated under the standard ISO9001 of Russia and now preparing for certification ISO9001 according to the standard TUF.

The industrial technology of the company is based on use of a modern SMD technology equipment of firms PHILIPS, ERSA, DEC etc., equipment of radial assemblage of firms RODE, GRASSMAN, POLITRONICS, WAINECKER, PACE, WELLER etc. with by post-processing electric, thermal, vibra tests on modern bench equipment for automatic checking according to requirements ISO 9001.

Processes of design, simulation, economic account, accounting and documentation are automated on the basis of modern computers, which are incorporated in a computer network.


1. Manufacturing wood products and woodworking.

Manufacturing wood products bases on the modern process equipment of firm WOODMIZER, modern woodwork machine tools manufactures of Russia and Ukraine, which are used for manufacturing products according to the European standard: doors, windows, production of building and household sphere.

2. Metalworking and manufacturing metal production for use in agriculture, industrial and household assignment.

3. Moulding plastic products.

Financial-economic activity of the Company bases on principles of economic independence of the enterprises, which are in the structure of the Company, long term economic mutual benefit of connections between the Customers and Partners of business.

The company invests a significant part of profit in new kinds of activity, technologies and development of new kinds of production and always is open for fruitful cooperation and economical advantageous projects. The company has ten years' market experience of industrial activity.

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