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Adamant, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    51-A Kharkivske shose, c. Kyiv, 02096, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 232-92-66, 232-93-49, 232-93-59, 232-96-60
  • Web-site:
President - Ivan M. Petukhov
Director - Nataliya V. Fedorova

The private firm Adamant was founded on May 11, 1992 and was registered in the Vatutinsky district of Kyiv.

For its 8 years of existence the company has become one of the most well-known companies in Ukraine working in the field of high technologies. The company has a long and difficult path behind it from providing access to E-mail using the latest achievements in telecommunications to ensure high-quality of its services.

In 1996 the company started commercial use of a dedicated line.

The company is actively promoting its computer systems of a wide range of complexity, from office models to multiprocessor servers. In early 1997 Adamant trade mark was registered for computer equipment. Equipment offered by the company meets the entirety of quality requirements for operation in the Ukrainian market.

By the end of 1998, the company completed an upgrade of its telecommunications equipment, which marked the beginning of a new stage of providing Internet access services at the highest professional and quality level.

Since March 1999, Adamant has launched over 120 digital communications channels, which, by the middle of May, allowed to offer Internet users a totally new INET service considerably facilitating relations between the customer and the provider.

In November 1999 the company established a direct satellite channel Washington-Kyiv, which enabled a direct connection to the network of the UUNET operator, a major global Internet provider. This connection not only allowed to increase the quality of the services but also placed the company among the first-rate Internet providers in Ukraine.

Since its existence, Adamant has been awarded diplomas of many exhibitions, such as EnterEX96, BankTEX96, PC/IT, Expo96, Informatika i Svyaz (Computer Science and Communications), ComputerEXPO96, EnterNET97, EnterEX97, ComputerEXPO97/Spring, ComputerEXPO97/Info Autumn, EnterNET97, Computer+Business97, EnterEX98, First International Forum Ukraine, and Telecom98.

Currently, the company provides Internet access to over 1,500 clients (including about 50 corporate clients using dedicated lines), has three representative offices in Kyiv and a ramified dealer network.

Among the companys clients are public agencies and organizations (the National Radio Company of Ukraine, the Directorate of Public Security of Ukraine, National Security Service, Ukrainian Postal Service Ukrposhta), banks (Financy i Credit, Kyivprivat, Kyivsky Narodny Bank), embassies (German, Polish), air carriers (Ukrainian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aerosweet), Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, publishing houses, large companies and providers (JV Technological Systems, Webber, LTD, ISP Access, ISP LDC), and others.

Today Adamant is a multi-profile company with an emphasis on advanced information technologies.

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